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Dwarf Hugo
Dwarf Hugo

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After the snow has melted around the roads along the Hřebeč ridge, visitors will find a view platform which is found going safely down the stairs through the virgin forest. There they can enjoy a view over a beautiful landscape that thanks to its distinct shapes can remind of sleeping crocodiles; just look carefully on the settlement of Třebová (Třebovské hradisko) or the hill of Rychnov. At the information panels visitors can learn about the work and look of local miners a century ago. People interested in technology will find out how they built the tunnelling portals – the entrance to the underground, and how many rails there were in the Hugo Karel Altány mine. Throughout the forest the imitations or models of old mining works will take turns with covered seats at the view points. That is where a curious tourist will gain information about scarce plants and animals in the area of Hřebeč. The mountains of Hrubý Jeseník and Kralický Sněžník can in good weather be viewed from the mining tower which now functions as a view tower on the Guardian hill (Strážní vrch) On Hřebeč one can reach Mladějov na Moravě where a steam locomotive train going on narrow rails uphill will cause excitement in children and others. The Mladějov industrial museum will certainly attract those who love technology. Other information panels will inform about the history of settlement in the T?ebová valley, i.e. at the settlement of Udánský les. Those coming or biking from the other side should climb up the mysterious hill of Rychnov (Rychnovský vrch) that opens a magnificent view on the Hřebeč ridge. On their way close to Moravská Sázava they will find traces of winter traces of beaver, the “small big” lumberjack. They will get stunned by a romantic ruin of a long-since abandoned closter Koruna u Třebářova. If they choose to go through Radišov and the train station of Kunčice they will find the castle of Moravská Třebová and see the exposition about geological development in our region that is newly built in an old cellar under the courtyard.

Topical Events

You will find new info boards on the watchpoint "U tety" . See map

Geological Past of the Region -the cellar exhibition is open! Find box office contacts here: 

In order to promote the attractions of its nearest surrounding, the Town of Moravská Třebová is preparing several more educational and nature trails. One of them will lead through the town itself and its most important sights; there is valuable architecture from the renaissance and barocque times. The spirit of the trail should follow the spirit of the modern time, so you may look forward to an interactive and modern walk through history. Once ready, you will find detailed information on our web pages, the Moravskotřebovský zpravodaj and other media. Another nature trail should broaden the possibilities of trips to the nearest surrounding of the town; it is a suburban nature trail to the hill of Strážný, guarding the town on its East and looming also over the village of Linhartice. In this direction, you will also find a former tunnel and the trail will lead you to the entrance of it.
In 2009, the nature reservation of Rohová celebrated an important anniversary – already 10 years since it was established. Those of you who are interested in more information on nature protection in this area will gain the most detailed information so far about the nature reservation of Rohová on these web pages. Until then you can visit the following page or, download a special map in .pdf
If you are interested in historical narrow-gauge railway then you should not miss the first ride of 2010 in Mladějov na Moravě. In the sound of the steam locomotive you may forget about our 21st century and set yourself on thoughts about the world recreated by the enthusiasts fully absorbed in the unique phenomena of this regionally most important technical sight. The refreshed train schedule can be found here.