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Moravská Třebová (Mährisch Trübau) is a town on the border of Bohemia and Moravia. Since its establishment in the second half of the 13th century until 1945, it was the centre of German language area called (in the 19th century) Hřebečsko (Schönhengster Land, Schönhengstgau in German). The town experienced its greatest heyday during the reign of lord of Boskovice and Ladislav Velen of Žerotín (1485 – 1622). Notable architecture and art has been preserved from this period owing to which was the historical centre together with the castle and nearby Cross hill declared as the town conservation area. Moravská Třebová was county town from 1850 to 1960. Until recently it was an important centre of textile production, whose beginnings lay in processing of linen and wool. Sericulture became dominant in the second half of the 19th century. Present Moravská Třebová is a town, which values and uses its exceptional cultural richness and at the same time pursues economical development, increase of employment, multilateral improvement of lifestyle and bountiful experiences for tourists.

Topical Events

In order to promote the attractions of its nearest surrounding, the Town of Moravská Třebová is preparing several more educational and nature trails. One of them will lead through the town itself and its most important sights; there is valuable architecture from the renaissance and barocque times. The spirit of the trail should follow the spirit of the modern time, so you may look forward to an interactive and modern walk through history. Once ready, you will find detailed information on our web pages, the Moravskotřebovský zpravodaj and other media. Another nature trail should broaden the possibilities of trips to the nearest surrounding of the town; it is a suburban nature trail to the hill of Strážný, guarding the town on its East and looming also over the village of Linhartice. In this direction, you will also find a former tunnel and the trail will lead you to the entrance of it.
You will find new info boards on the watchpoint "U tety" . See map

Geological Past of the Region -the cellar exhibition is open! Find box office contacts here: 

In 2009, the nature reservation of Rohová celebrated an important anniversary – already 10 years since it was established. Those of you who are interested in more information on nature protection in this area will gain the most detailed information so far about the nature reservation of Rohová on these web pages. Until then you can visit the following page or, download a special map in .pdf
If you are interested in historical narrow-gauge railway then you should not miss the first ride of 2010 in Mladějov na Moravě. In the sound of the steam locomotive you may forget about our 21st century and set yourself on thoughts about the world recreated by the enthusiasts fully absorbed in the unique phenomena of this regionally most important technical sight. The refreshed train schedule can be found here.